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Gamma Camera Restoration

AIS begins the detailed reconditioning process by carefully de-installing and inspecting the camera. We evaluate fans, power supplies, potentiometers, the gantry and other critical components, and any defective or under-performing parts are replaced to ensure reliability and superior performance. Additionally, the detector is disassembled, the crystal is then evaluated for hydration, yellowing, and any performance hindering artifacts. Once the crystal passes our evaluation all the PM tubes are checked and recoupled to the crystal with new optical coupling gel. If the crystal does not pass our strict guidelines it is then shipped to the manufacturer to be completely refurbished. Once we are satisfied that the camera meets AIS standards for image quality and performance, we add a one-year warranty for parts and labor and the camera is ready for installation.

At the end of this process, our customer will have a complete system that equals the performance of many new nuclear medicine cameras on the market today!

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"We had never heard of Mindray before, so we were pleasantly surprised with the system. The images are the best we've ever seen, and our patients love the quality of the images as well. The system is so much more user friendly than the ones we've worked with in the past that there isn't even a comparison."

Tammy Dvorak RDMS, RVT
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